Thursday, September 8, 2016


You have applied to become a member on Mantality's Affiliate Program. You received your email stating that your application has been approved. Now what? 
Now the fun begins. 

Go to your email you have received from Mantality. Click on the link to go to your affiliate page and login using your user name and password. Once logged in you will see at the top right hand corner your Standard Linking Code. It will look something like this: 

You can use that link to send people to the front page of the Mantality website. When those people which you referred using your link, buy something on Mantality’s website, you earn commission.

You can also send potential buyers to a specific item. Look left and you will see Training Manuals. Now you can go through each of those links, but I want attention right at the bottom where it says “Alternate Incoming Page Links”. Click on that link. Next you will see the following:

Now go to Mantality’s main website. Pick any item and go to that item’s descriptive page. At the top of that page highlight the URL (That is the address of that page) Right click on the highlighted part and choose copy.

Now go back to your affiliate platform and paste that link in the space provided under Option 1: Automated Link Creation”. Click the “Create my link” button and you will see your referral link. Copy that link and paste it anywhere on a Facebook group or page. You will see an AD of that item you have chosen in MantalityNow repeat again with different items. When someone sees an item they like and they go and buy it in on Mantality, you will earn commission.

Click here for a list of Facebook Groups. Just remember not the work too fast on Facebook or they will temporary block you. 

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