Monday, February 8, 2016

Corner Joint 3 way Tube Connector 25mm

2 Piece
3 x 6mm screw and nut
Weight 0.250kg
Made of 2mm mild steel.
Joins 25mm square tubing only.
Part no. BELCJ3W01
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Steel Tube Connectors are made of 2mm mild steel and is used on 25mm square tubing.

Steel Tube Connection system linking together a plurality of tubes without welding, involving relatively low cost production and material costs. Building frame structures with these connectors allows for firm and strong connections to be made without the need for welding, grinding, drilling, jig fixtures and more importantly electricity supply.
The design of these durable external connectors is manufactured from an integral sheet metal stamping.
The square tube is clamped in between the two halves of the connector. The 2 halves are secured together with a galvanized 6mm hex screw and nut. The screws and nuts are only used to secure the halves and not intended to aid with the strength of the connector. The connector fits perfectly around the 25mm (1 inch) square tube providing stability and structural strength.

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